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How To Keep Emails Coming to YOUR Inbox

Add to your address book. This is an unmonitored email address.
Emails from us may come from "" or "CorningWare, Corelle & more Retail Stores" depending on the content of the email.

Why add us to your address book?

Due to growing concerns over SPAM, many ISPs are setting up filters to block our email from reaching your inbox. You may even have trouble seeing images or clicking on links. This means you may miss out on everything from exclusive promotions to special savings and new product introductions. By adding us to your Address Book this will ensure you will receive emails from us.

Here's How

View one of the popular mail providers below for detailed directions for adding us to your safe sender's list. If the mail provider you use is not listed below, you will need to designate us as a trusted sender by adding to your Address Book, Contact List, Safe Sender's List or mark Not Junk.

AOL | Yahoo! | MSN/Hotmail | Microsoft Outlook/Express | Comcast | Earthlink | GMail by Google


While viewing a message from us, click the Add Address button. AOL will add our From Address to your address book, then click save.

If our email has been mistaken as Spam, please go into your Spam Folder and highlight our email, then press the button that says This Is Not Spam. AOL will add our From Address to your Address Book.


While viewing a message from us, click the Add to my Address Book link. Our email address will appear in a text box. Click Add to Address Book. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen when it is successfully added.

MSN / Hotmail

While viewing a message from us, click the Save Address icon and then click Save for MSN and the OK button for Hotmail.

Microsoft Outlook / Express

Right click on an existing email message and select Add to Outlook Contacts from the menu OR

- From Tools menu, click Options
- From Preferences tab, under E-mail
- Click Junk E-mail
- From Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab
- Click Add
- Enter
Click OK.


While viewing a message from us click on Save Address. Address Book Entry dialog box will then appear. Click Save Entry to save.


While viewing a message from us, locate the Add icon located in the tool bar. Add the Address Book dialog box will then appear, click Yes.

While viewing a message from us using Earthlink Webmail, click on Add to Address Book. Click Save.

GMail by Google

On the left hand side of your internet browser window. Click Contacts. Then click the New User icon to add a new contact.

Fill out the contact information and then click Save to add us to your contact list.

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