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Baker's Secret

Baker's Secret began in 1888 with Edward Katzinger’s commercial baking pan company, founded in Chicago in 1888. It later was known as EKCO and in 1972 became the Baker’s Secret brand.

It's no secret that Baker's Secret products are a favorite among those who love to bake. No matter what you're baking, we've got you covered. Choose from cake pans, cooling racks, cookie sheets, loaf pans, muffin tins and more. Plus, we've got all the gadgets you need: measuring cups and spoons, sifters, whisks and whips, biscuit cutters, scrapers and spatulas, basting brushes, pastry brushes and blenders, dough scoops and, of course, wooden spoons. And our Signature™ line has everything you need to create your own signature baked creations.