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Live A Happy Kitchen Life With Pyrex Gadgets

The famous laboratory glassware and kitchenware brand Pyrex was introduced to the market by Corning Inc. in 1908. Pyrex products were originally made from borosilicate glass. Later on, they were made with tempered soda lime glass, before the name was sold to World Kitchen. The high-quality glass cookware comes in a wide variety of options. They perfectly add elegance to your table. The durability and versatility make it the best choice for any kitchen.

World Kitchen launched a new line of stylish Pyrex kitchen gadgets, of which there are currently 13 iconic items. At Shop World Kitchen you’ll find the great selection of items that’ll be sure to last you a lifetime. Continue reading to discover more about our wonderful collection.

Snapware® Total Solution™ Pyrex® Glass Food Storage 10-pc Set Vitalize Your Cooking Life
Adding Pyrex gadgets to your kitchen will surely enhance the look of your meal and make your cooking journey more interesting. They feature a unique blend of innovation, design, and style. The red-and-black combination gives a contemporary and sophisticated look. Made of silicone and nylon, the Pyrex glassware have a straight uniform single body construction. The exterior of each consists of silicone, which makes it sturdy. Even when you scrape continuously it’ll not get damaged. How helpful is that in the kitchen?

The lightweight kitchenware is easy to handle. You can safely use them on your non-stick cookware. Pyrex items are free from BPA and like Pyrex glassware they too have the heat resistance capacity. In fact, the gadgets are designed in such a way that they don’t take up much space for storage. Each of them is provided with a loop at the end for convenient hanging. They can be safely used in a dishwasher. Here’s a list of the Pyrex kitchen gadgets:Pyrex® 4-pc Measuring Cup Set

  1. 12.5” Slotted Turner
  2. 12” Solid Spoon
  3. 12” Solid Turner
  4. 12” Slotted Spoon
  5. 11” Small Spatula
  6. 11” Spoontula
  7. 8” Basting Brush
  8. 5-pc Measuring Spoon Set
  9. 4-pc Measuring Cup Set
  10. 11.75” Whisk
  11. 12.5” Locking Tongs
  12. 11” Ladle
  13. 11.75” Large Spatula

Our line of Pyrex items allows you to easily avoid messy cooking or baking and even stay more organized in the kitchen space. The measuring spoon set comprises of 1/4-tsp, 1/2-tsp, 1-tsp, 1/2-tbsp, 1-tbsp. The measuring cup set consists of 1/4-cup, 1/3-cup, 1/2-cup, 1-cup. Use them for dry or liquid substances, as cleaning is painless. The brush can resist the heat of up to 400 degrees and it smoothly glides over your food. The balloon shape of the spatula is skillfully designed to make your baking batter lighter and fluffier. These gadgets range from $5.99 to $9.99 and are worth buying because they promise high quality that you can trust. There might be more pricy products in the market but not necessarily all expensive products ensure high quality. We aim at making your life simple and comfortable. These handy gadgets serve the purpose.

Get ready to cook juicy dishes with our smart Pyrex kitchen gadgets!

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